SCE Nephrology Practice Questions

  • The Specialty Certificate Exam in Nephrology is only delivered once a year – usually at the end of February – for the MRCP site CLICK HERE
  • There are limited practice question resources available
  • The pass mark in the 2018 exam was 130 from 200 questions spread across two 3 hour exams separated by a lunch break
  • The exam is sat on computers in driving/industry test centres – any images in the exam are more than adequately clear; you can review answers again, skip questions for later, etc
  • Questions are ‘best of 5’ – mostly clinical scenarios although there are some core science/knowledge/pharmacology questions
  • Many questions have pathology slides – embrace it if you haven’t already – it is one of the things that makes nephrology great – use online videos to start
  • Many questions require a ‘best’ answer – be prepared to be made to think and have doubts about many questions – but there are also ‘easy’ questions for the prepared candidate
  • A combination of clinical experience and targeted revision is the way to boost your chances of passing – online, books, courses, path meetings, clinical meetings, audit, journals, guidelines, etc

Useful Links to Question Banks and Resources

  • Official RCP mock exam questions – link to the official RCP mock exam questions (80 question)
  • On Examination – 240 MCQ questions, 1-12 monthly prescriptions available, minimum cost £54.99 (but search online for current discount codes)
  • Study PRN – 360 questions available, authored by one of our very own trainees, Anita Thangavelu and Cardiff transplant surgeon Elijah Ablorsu! (£89 for 12 months access). 
  • License Medical – Free mock test available, as well as option for monthly subscription
  • NephSAP and KSAP – ASN online self-assessment programmes for transplant and nephrology. Each module contains and up-to-date review of the tiopic followed by 75 exam questions. Modules released 3 monthly. Available for free if you email ASN asking for international trainee/fellow membership. Can also download completion certificates for e-portfolio/CME points.
  • Renal First Aid – For some light relief- this site has a series of bizarre games and flash cards to test your renal knowledge! 

See the South West teaching section for some great questions

More questions from local trainees coming soon ....

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