The Clinical Trialist Experience

Aled Williams

I have recently completed my PhD in Hyaluronic acid regulation at the Wales Kidney Research Unit, UHW. Although My PhD is lab based, it was funded by the Clinical Research facility, on the proviso that I provided medical cover for the patients recruited to renal (and other) trials.

  • Greater understanding of all aspects of clinical trials, such as recruitment, ethics, funding etc
  • Exposure and knowledge of new drugs, such as new EPO preparations, before they are even marketed
  • Opportunity to present PhD research at national and international conferences (Renal association and American Society of Nephrology)
  • Lab based science is an entirely new discipline and felt like a fish out of water for the first half of the PhD!

More information on current trials and opportunities within the CRF can be found under Clinical research facility tab, or contact Prof Donald Fraser on

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